Freight Innovations offers a unique solution to logistical requirements.

Freight Innovations is unique due to the entrepreneurial collaboration that led to the innovative business model that has been hugely successful, endorsed by loyal clients. The brain child of a few entrepreneurs who were well versed in the logistics industry at the time in 2011, this collusion led to a commitment to a business ethic that would set new standards and bench marks in the freight industry. Supported by the top end specially designed I.T. and a wizardry of knowledge and experience, Freight Innovations are the new trendsetters.

The advent of modern technology has created I.T. which advances incrementally in weeks, this over the last decade. Whilst this is inextricably linked to enhanced service levels, this phenomenon has created monoliths in logistics, where regardless of loyalty and spend, client service is controlled by a waybill number and recognition is limited to an account number. Personalised service has been lost in a labyrinth of numbers and call centres with automated responses and possibly expedient avoidance of the relevant problem at hand.

The motivation was to create a fast, efficient service which was personalised and not limited to a standard routine or procedure, not limited by a traditional logistics business model, “the vehicle has already left that area,” or “the cut-off time is 13.00.” The goal was to interpret customer needs and provide real solutions, with the need for expeditious accounting and quoting solutions. The emphasis being on personalised, tailor-made solutions. Freight Innovations was born.

Fast forward to 2015, the targets have been met and the success that accompanies the business model was not without commitment, good old fashioned hard work and dedication. Freight Innovations is the leader in personalised service. Service levels are consistent, reliable and tangible, never negotiable.

Freight Innovations provides a complete logistics solution, cost-effectively but without compromise. An invitation is extended to the discerning entrepreneur and businessman for whom personalised service is a pre-requisite. Freight Innovations, innovating since 2011.

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